Compute and Understand the Cash Conversion Cycle - Slides 1-13

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This is the full video on the topic "Compute and Understand the Cash Conversion Cycle". If you would rather watch this video in small bites, you can go to my playlist titled "Compute and Understand the Cash Conversion Cycle" where you will see all the slide-specific videos that make up this full video. These videos are part of a free online course in accounting created by Kevin Kimball of Brigham Young University -- Hawaii using the Canvas Network's Learning Management System (LMS). The actual course will first become available for enrollment a couple months prior to the start of Winter Semester 2014 (which starts in January) at Aside from that, all of the videos in this course will be freely available in YouTube with no registration requirement, you just won't have access to the outcome assessment features (i.e. quizzes) and the interaction with the professor and fellow students that will be available in the full course at The reason I broke the full presentation into multiple individual video slides was twofold 1) it was easier to edit and 2) so that the students taking my online course could jump to each individual slide's video so that they could watch just the video segments they needed most. I put it in one full video to save you time in that you will only need to press play once. Brought to you by the Debits and Credits Trainer Android App on the Google Play Store.
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