Does Earnings Season Matter? NYSE Trader Breaks Down the Market and More

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Do you know how to pronounce Spaghetti Trapenese? Kenny Polcari, director at O'Neil Securities, teaches TheStreet how to properly pronounce it--the recipe of which can be found in Polcari's newsletter from Friday morning. 3 Quick Tips for Investors in a Volatile Market He also talked to TheStreet about the tech darlings Alphabet and Amazon, which both announced earnings on Thursday, Oct. 26. Both companies plummeted after beating on the bottom line, but failed to impress Wall Street when it came to Amazon's sales and Alphabet's revenue. Alphabet is Real Money's Stock of the Day. Polcari looked ahead to next week, which will wrap up Q3 earnings. The last of the FANG stocks, Facebook and Apple, will be announcing. Jim Cramer on How New Investors Handle This Market TheStreet's Martin Baccardax theorizes that Facebook may get a headwind from the slumping Snap daily active users--which dropped Snap's stock after releasing earnings Thursday night--but will it be enough in such a volatile market? It's important to note that the volatility doesn't end with Q3 earnings. Wall Street is still looking at the midterms. Polcari gives his thoughts on what could happen if the Democrat's take back the house and how the market will react. Why Most Americans Like a Volatile Stock Market: Study Polcari doesn't end there. New or young investors are eyeing the market with a cautious eye. Polcari--who has 38 years of experience on Wall Street--tells younger investors what they should be doing to protect themselves in a shaky market. SUBSCRIBE | _ Want to Buy $1 Worth of Stock for 90 Cents or Less? You can with certain so-called “closed-end” mutual funds – an often overlooked investment class. Click here to register for a free online video in which TheStreet’s retirement expert Robert Powell and an all-star panel tell you all you need to know-- ___ You can also find us on... ACTION ALERTS PLUS | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PODCASTS | THESTREET.COM | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | Sign up for today for exclusive insight into Jim Cramer’s charitable portfolio:
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