About Trading My IRA

About Me

I am a 36 year old real estate investor and part time equities, options and foreign exchange trader.  My personal circumstances allow me to trade from home and work on various investment projects.  I have finance and accounting background and earned most of my education using free tools online. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my wife and two beautiful kids.

About Trading My IRA

Trading My IRA is my personal journal documenting my favorite Youtube videos that helped me learn about investing in general, stocks/options and foreign exchange trading and various general investing lessons.

Any post in this blog are for illustration or educations purposes only.  All my blog posts are my personal trading and investing activities and they do not represent advice or recommendation to trade or invest in companies that are mentioned in my blog posts.

Curated Educational Videos

Here is a collection of educational videos covering the following topics: Economy, Business Finance, Accounting, Stock Market, Personal Finance, and Investments.

The objective of which is to create a collection of educational videos that will cover various aspects described below.
This page includes a collection of educational videos for beginners to learn about the stock market, stock trading lessons like technical analysis, indicators, candlestick patterns, options trading, foreign exchange trading, cryptocurrency like bitcoin, basic trading psychology and many more.

CPA Exam Review Materials

This covers free educational materials for those interested to learn about accounting, economics, finance, management, taxation and other CPA exam topics.

CFA Exam Review Materials

These are topics that specifically cover investment topics essential for those who wants to have a good understanding of various aspect of financial analysis from an investment perspective.

Options Trading Educational Videos

These are free videos that focus on options trading from the basic foundation to strategies and some general options trading videos including some high level psephology of trading-type tips.