Introduction to Options on Robinhood

Introduction to Options on Robinhood In this video, we take a look at the very basics of trading options on RobinHood. This is geared toward beginners, and will help you get a broader picture of how options work. NOTE: The strike price of a call option is what you can buy each of those 100 shares for, not what you can buy all of them for I made a mistake when talking about puts: puts do not have infinite profit potential since a stock's price can not be less than zero. It is capped. 01:02 - basics of call options 03:35 - Summary of OTM, ATM, ITM 04:45 - option premium 07:40 - Breakeven 09:54 - Expiration & Theta 13:48 - Implied Volatility 17:45 - Long call max P/L 19:55 - Options profit calculator 24:30 - Buying puts 26:40 - Long put max P/L 27:40 - Buying OTM vs ITM stock market #stockmarket #stocktrading #investing #education $spy

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