$PFG recaptures 200-day simple moving average

Ticker: $PFG
Highlight: $PFG has recaptures 200-day simple moving average, a major support

$PFG is among those that got hit hard by the high volatility in February.  It sank the price since then and has been a bear show.  From February to July, the bears have successfuly staged a strong selling pressure causing up to 20% drop in the price as shown by the lower lows and lower highs in the above 1 year chart.  This narrative may have actually now reversed. Starting July, bulls have appeared to have taken control of the price resulting to higher highs and lower lows to a point where the price now sits right at the 200-day simple moving average.  This is a crucial point for bulls.  As long as the bulls stay in control and hold the price above the major support, there is a great upside potential.

Trading plan:
I openen a position and set stop loss at $PFG's SMA200 minus 2x ATR. 

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